Basically, my band is going to be putting out our second 5 track EP in the spring. Cause we're using friends and university students for the recording, costs should be fairly low, for a well mixed, well recorded set of tracks, we're looking at around £200 for recording.

We'd probably sell around 100-150 copies, maybe more.

Now we could either produce them as CD's and for a cost of around £150 for 200 to get them all wrapped and jewel cased etc. And sell the CD's for £3.50, £4.

Alternatively, we could distribute online, $35 would get our song's onto iTunes, Amazon, Rapsody etc (from Reverb Nation Digital Distribution), this would allow us to forget CD costs and each EP would be sold for about £4.30ish ($5 on iTunes US). We would only keep around £2.50 of this however.

Do you think it's worth going all digital or all on physical formats? Baring in mind not all people can download etc, is there a workable, affordable middle way (CDs and online)
And can anyone recommend a digital distribution firm in the UK if they know of one?

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I would go on iTunes and CD's. That way if you ever see kids at shows who say "You guys really rocked but I don't have enough for you're CD" you can just say "dude, check us out on iTunes"
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Id go CD personally. Itunes is where people go to buy more stuff from people they like, not to find new music...well, maybe I take that back now that they have the genius feature

But I still think your more likely to sell your music as CDs