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with my birthday and xmas money im thinking of a new guitar and was look at a squire telecaster but have now seen an epiphone firebird studio which costsw about £50 more and what wondering what people thought and , i play hard rock and punk (kinda like foo fighters , nirvana, sum41, ratm)

my budget would be £280 if anyones got any other suggestions

heres the links to the guitars :


Forget the Telecaster, it's not worth it, but maybe for the music you play. I am not a big fan of firebirds, though they are pretty good from what I know. I would suggest something else, but I'll try to get back to you later.
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I don't like either, but the Tele more than the Firebird. It really just depends on the styles of music you play, and which you like the feel and sound of better. Have you played either?
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ive played a telecaster but not that 1 it sounded nice, i havnt been to the guitar shop to try the firebird yet , plan on going after xmas when i have all my money
washburn x50pro, save another £20.
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with THOSE choices, I would get the Firebird. But if you can get the Tele in a better color, or upgrade with to a MIM, get a Tele.
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dude go fire. stay away from Squire.
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The tele loks nice, except that like peach/yellow, but its a SQUIRE. Go for the Firebird.
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got a guy to check the local guitar shop and he said he could get me the firebird for £190 :O
Hold on, £280 is enough for a Fender MIM Tele, and they're really good, get one
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I love the tele, but I also like Firebirds, and comparing a mid-low Squier to a decent Epiphone, it's just no contest for the Epi IMO. Firebird hands-down.

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