Hello UG, i have been using the UG site for many years, and i love the guitar tabs on it. Currently i have a small group of people with musical talents, and we sometimes come together just to have Jam sessions. However, we hit a wall when i came to Lyrics. Nobody had any experience writing, and we got nowhere. Any tips that anyone can give me about writing? we have good music, just cant put words into it. We love heavy fast guitar music (such as of BMFV, or Avenged SEvenfold) and also meaningful lyrics that arent random thoughts. well ANY help that can be given is welcome. the best way to contact me is Txt (310-487-3212) *(i dont know if thats against UG rules) or e-mail (weasler20@yahoo.com) thanks.
Get experience.

Start by writing, no matter how crappy it is. Get your feet wet, even if it's just poetry and not lyrics. You'll get better with time.
Lyrics, in my case, are like poems. If you know anything about poems, stanzas and rhyming and such, you can write lyrics. You just have to have inspiration for them. and getting THAT is a BITCH! So just think stuff up if you can. Concept album if you want. Something like Coheed and Cambria. Just try and write lyrics then try and fit those lyrics into a song and make it sound good. If you can record the song and then listen to it over and over and find out where place your lyrics is truly helpful.
Just think about what you wanna say and write it, write a story if you have to, but say everything you wan say then condense it into poetic form, doesn't matter about rhyming just get a good rhythm. If you then wanna make it rhyme (most people do) then make it rhyme. That's one technique anyway. Or just write any old tat at first just to get used to the process of writing a song from scratch ie not the way I just said.
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Hey dude I'm in the same situation as you, I'm in a band (if you can call a drummer/bassist and a guitarist a band), and we do punk/grunge music, stuff going after Nirvana and Zeppelin.
So we wrote a few cool riffs, but we're nowhere with lyrics.
I eventually got some good lines going.
What I do is I listen to music at night (good influential music that you actually like, I suggest your own library of songs not the radio, or it won't fit you) then go to sleep but keep a spiral and pencil under your bed. Write anything that pops into your mind. Sometimes you get a single line in your mind, maybe to a similar tune of another song, but your own. Write it down. It's unique to you. Then after a while you'll get a bunch of ideas. Take one, put it on a piece of clean paper, and pretty much spread it out all over! What I mean is make similar phrases like it to match the pattern of your song. Usually you get a chorus before a verse. Its actually interchangable, you can make any phrase either a verse or chorus. Then the tricky part is to create the other part. I find it impossibly hard to write a chorus when I have a verse and visa versa. Try studying some good music. Led Zeppelin is very inspirational for me when it comes to music, try them!

And your ideas you get randomly can be ANYTHING. I once wrote a list of over 130 colors, many made up (Ninja Black, Laser Red, etc.) and I plan on turning it into a song.

Good luck, rock on!
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i just sent you a picture of a cat

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ok first of BFMV and A7x are neither havye nor fast imo .
anyway on to my point... I started writing songs a while ago for a band me and my bro want to start

and i have no experience and everyone i send my songs to says they rule.

just get a theme in your head and write, that's what i do.

If you wanna look at my stuff it's in the S & L forum, the topics 'Kill Me Tonight' and 'Six Feet Under'
the first maybe 15 songs i wrote were crap, but they gradually got better and then i wrote one song that i thought was great. i put it on UG and they loved it and since then i've been told my songs are great. what i do is write a story. like get a character in your head and a story/plot. then basically write that down, then put it in song form, then add music. thats just me but it seems to work
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