Iv been using ernie ball super slinkys for a few years now ( the gauge 9 ones) and im now looking at having a change to some more heavier strings such as D'addario possibly 10, 11 gauge. Im pretty new to all this string business and i was wondering if im ok just to change from gauge 9 strings to 11 or if the whole guitar setup needs to be changed. Any help would be appreciated

thanks \m/
you have to redo the intonation and possibly the truss rod, but its very easy to do yourself
You will unless you're changing to a lower tuning, but you still might have to get the intonation right.
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thanks for the advice so far. Iv found some D'addario 10 gauge strings now that im looking at getting. Iv also had a read up on changing the intonation and truss rod of a guitar and it looks pretty simple. Is it possible to mess up and pernametly damage the guitar while doing this? Iv been playing guitar for about 7/8 years now but im just a bit scared about playing around with this, but would rather try and give it ago and learn how to do it if its not too risky.
As long as you're careful you won't screw your guitar up.
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