Spoiler: This film sucks.

Just saw this film.

What a load of rubbish.

It started quite promisingly, certainly had potential to be epic.

I loved the message that humans are wrecking the plaet, and that to save the Earth humans should be obliterated, but then the Amercianised crap came in and suddenly the American population were better than anyone else, the plot got all gay, and because the Alien saw a mother and her son hugging, that was a good enough excuse to save the planet??? Wtf?

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So did these kind folks.

I thought it was okay, but definitely nothing special.
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good luck with that! if the world have a nuclear war 3 things would survive; cockroaches, twinkies, and boss pedals
when i heard about it i really wanted to see it but when i saw the trailer i didn't bother because it looked rubbish
Rockin' shit
i liked it, it had some good underlying plots... oh and the chick in it was sexiness lol
btw did it make anyone else want to see a movie of Micheal Crichton "prey"?
I thought it was just 'meh.'
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Jesus christ put a spoiler warning up

If I spoil the film, it will stop people who have seen it, from seeing it. Save them so money which they could be spending on important things... like... Food?
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i just think it's nice keanu reeves is finding work after matrix

its amazing he was taken seriously after bill and ted
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I saw the original one, and I rather liked it.

The ending sucked, but it wasn't bad.

I may watch the new one, though. Just to see how it changed.
I think Will Smiths son amongst many other stupid little things ruined the movie for me.
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It seemed decent, but I was worried it was gunna be environmentalist preachy bull****.

You basically confirmed my fears, and then some.
A socially acceptable nationalist/jangoist ending?
Hell no.
The entire world is ****ed up. No single country would save us from aliens on the basis of morality, especially the U.S.

And why the hell do aliens wanna save the earth?