All right everyone, lets discuss our favorite Jrock bands here. Only if it was more popular....Anyway, my favorite is Girugamesh, they are just frikin amazing. Their songs have so much variety, and they all make you want to keep listening. Coming in second would be D'espairsRay. Very good too. Who do you guys like?
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Old Galnaryus and Dir en Grey is the only worth while one
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Miyavi is a friggin god.
D'espairsRay is bad ass, definitely one of my favs. And Galneryus is wicked too if you're in a power metal mood.
You have to mention X Japan (Art of Life is the most epic song in the world) and Loudness too.
Maximum the Hormone is pretty cool. Acid Black Cherry is cool too, but they need to put out more songs.
Hide as a solo artist was also amazing.
Hizaki Grace Project is interesting - in a good way.

Also, if you like Girugamesh, you should totally check out The GazettE.

I'll stop there for now.
i only know of galneryus and xjapan, they got sexy solos! lol
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Old Galnaryus and Dir en Grey is the only worth while one

You kidding? Dir en Grey is bad. Withering to Death is their only worthwhile album
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