How do the Hardwire CM-2 and SC-2 differ from the RAT II pedals? Gain, sustain, distorition amounts, etc.

I plat a strat through an HDR if that makes any difference.
they are different beasts entirely, what type of sound are you going for?
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Chea_man is the best.
what's an HDR?

and apart, what do you want to sound like? what other pedals have you got?

I like Rats but the Rat 2s that are being sold now are said to be awful.
HDR= (fender) Hot Rod Deluxe

I play a bit of everything, rock, jazz, blues, stuff, etc.

G, thanks for the feedback.
im not a fan of the rat sound. The hardwire OD is supposed to be very nice. ive never played one though. do you have a budget? and are there any bands that you would like a similar tone to?
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It was like a orgasm in my ear.
Chea_man is the best.

The guy is testing the CM-2 with a G&L Legacy and a 65 Amps Soho. He really shows off the range of tones you can get with the pedal. I'm yet to try it out with my setup, but I think it's pretty darn good.


This guy tests the CM-2 into the SC-2 with a Gibson with P-90's and one other guitar (don't remember which one). He doesn't go as much into the variety of tones available, but he does show off the differences between the two pedals. The SC-2 definitely gets tons more gain than the CM-2; it could definitely take a clean amp into AC/DC territory with room to spare.

As a side note, I like how the CM-2 and SC-2 seem to stack well together to my ears. The second video shows this off a bit.
well there two diffrent pedals as im sure someone has already pointed out.

best way to find out, try them out next to each other.

Other than that the CM-2 is one of the nicest OD pedals youll ever own if you do buy one, theres just so much variety , the rat is more of a distortion.

It just depends what you need it for.

The CM-2 can be a boster, an overdrive, and with the level of gain it has it can compete with alot of distortion pedals and sound balltastic.