Hey all, my band just got this new drummer, great guy and all. But out of all the songs (3) he only liked one of the songs and changed all to what he wanted. My friend who plays lead is amazing, and my bassist is just yeah a bassist, and I am just an average rhythm guitarist. I was wondering because only my lead guitar can sing, i need two good songs to compromise with my drummer. He is kinda of too "Old Fashioned" for us, personally no offense to classic rock (I like some too) my band doesn't want to like Dixie dregs and like Van Halen. We need some songs that are pleasing to the modern day audience, but are also good for him. I'm only saying this because our band is amazing and we would really like to come in first place, so please help me out here.
Hey Kyle, shut up, i know you don't like Nate's controllingness....and thanks for the leads compliment by the way. But Nate truly is awesome..

edit: lol, sorry dude....sounds exactly like my band.
Well, explain to him that your current goal is to win the BOB and you need to create a specific set list for that goal. Tell him that after you win, you'll look into some more genre mixing and stuff. Drummers are usually the easiest to convince to play in a certain genre, because they can make any genre as complicated as they want.
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hot for teacher wicked drums awsome opening lead the verse riff is wicked and its not hard to sing as good as david lee roth can your drummer play any mitch mitchel cause hendrix is always wicked....
First of all.....tell your drummer we started this band and this is the type of music we play...if anything just play these songs for the battle of the bands and well discuss the style more after our already schedualed shows.

if you are going to compromise with him, we need to know what modern style you want to play, because modern can range from coldplay to impending doom to fall out boy
1. listen to the song our revolution by halifax.........its just a rip off of kickstart my heart
2. listen to run this city or fit to be tied by jet lag gemini
3. the other song you guys had
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Play some Skynyrd thats all i have to say. '

As for saying your band is amazing, that is a really ignorant statement if you ask me. That is like saying i wear size 16 shoes how about you? Does it really make a difference really? Playing is supposed to be fun not a competition..
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