So I went into my local guitar shop to get some opinions on a potential buy. I told the guy that I was looking at Agile guitars, specifically the AD-2300 Jr and the Valkyrie. I was asking him if he though the P90 or the humbucker would be better (because Kurt told me they don't make the AD-2300 Jr with humbuckers), and he told me instead of getting an Agile I should get a Stagg. He showed me a Stagg SG copy that was about $230. He told me that he thought Staggs were much better quality than both the Epiphones and Agiles, and thought that the necks on Agiles were like clubs. Has anyone here had any experiences with Stagg guitars? For reference, this is the model he was showing me:

These are the models I was looking at buying before:

Any suggestions one way or another?
stagg guitars aren't of a very good quality. get the Agile

also, the P-90's are personal choice. play a guitar with humbuckers and a guitar with P-90's, and see what you like better. and as far as i know, Agiles are only sold by Rondo Music, not in any music store, so the guy wanted to sell anything to you, so he can make more money

BTW les paul/sg/lp doublecut necks are thick, but thick is subjetive, so play an Epi LP or Gibson LP, and if you like that neck profile, you will like the agile.

also on the P-90/HB, what genres are you using the guitar for? take in count that P-90's arent noise killers, so if you use a lot of gain, expect a lot of hum.

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Oh god. I had a stagg for like two years. the first year, it was great. but then, the intonation got out of wack all the time, and the frets started to rust.

If you're looking for something to get you started, stagg may actually be pretty decent. but if you are experienced, the tone is uber generic, the quality is sort of low, and they require frequent maintenence after about a year or so.
You realize that is just trying to sell... my first guitar was a stagg h300... piece of crap, really the neck came curve and there was no way to adjust it. The jack went loose so I got a new one, and the paint job had fingerprints, from whoever painted it. Also my action had to be extremely high or it would buzz a lot!!

Conclusion: Never spend a $ in STAGG.
yah i played a stagg and thought about getting it in the music store, until i found agile. actually made of mahogany, not alder, and was $100 cheaper..
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That stagg Sg copy looks like ass.

Like literally, ass.

I would go with an agile, for the money, they have pretty good build quality, and while I've never played a stagg, from what people say they're pretty cheaply made.
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Thank you for the suggestions. I figured he was trying to make a sale, so I took what he said with a grain of salt (although he was still helpful in discussing GFS humbuckers). In answer to your question ldnovelo, I play classic rock stuff. Mainly things from the likes of The Who, Led Zeppelin, Cream, AC/DC, that sort of stuff. I have not been playing for very long (4 or 5 months), but the guitar I have now is driving me nuts. It is a terrible Silvertone strat that has one working pickup and lots of dents and cracks. I don't complain much about it because my friend gave it to me for free. I just want a decent guitar that is going to last me for a while.
Sorry for the bump, but does anyone else have anything to add on the subject? Its amazing how quickly posts on here get pushed to the 3rd page.
I has had a stagg fusion fretless bass for about 3months and it's way better than i was expecting, nothing wrong with it yet...
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I have tried a few Staggs out and they are just OK for the money, I would take an Agile hands down. Agile has a great reputation and great customer support. Every Agile I ever played was a quality guitar. The Staggs always felt like the were cheap and probably would be a guitar you would keep or last for very long.

I have a 5 year old stagg les paul copy. Though its not a great guitar it is playable. But does have a few unlevelled frets eliminatin action anywhere near comfortzone But I've had that with EPI's too. The tuners are really stable though, which I find to be the most common issue with cheap guitars. A good cheap guitar is the Fender Lite Ash series those are really worth more than their price But if you rally want a SG like guitar Hagstroms are nice quality though look a bit far from the real deal. You can sometimes get the Gibson special faded for low prices. Those are really nice for the money as well
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Well the Stagg SG that I saw did not look very good. I am taking a good look at the Agiles and the Xavieres. I really like the XV-700 thinline les paul copy that Xaviere has.