any way you could just add the song to your profile? some people might not have facebook, and i dont really want the flashplayer to play it on mine...last time i had one of those for w/e reason it messed my net all up, ahahha.
if you have it saved as an mp3, should be able to add it no prob. haha, post in here if you have a prob
oh, i dont know, i thought you just had the sound file on your computer, and just put it on facebook instead of here, hahahha. I just record all my stuff with my recording program/mic, and then convert it from wav. to mp3, then upload on my profile, bout the only way i know how since im computer stupid
It's pretty good. im not big into blues but i can appreciate it. You shoulda recorded the lead track over the rhythm track and i think it would do wonders for it. As for the lead, it was very bluesy, but you need a little more variety. it seemed to me you were doin the same pattern of things over and over with different notes. Keep workin at it though and youll get the hang of it.
Looked like you were stuck in that one box pattern. I liked most of it except the guitar itself (sorry! I'm just a Fender man!) and the wah part.