Hey guys, I've got a strat-style guitar with two pickups. I've got three knobs, one master volume and two tone knobs (one knob for each pickup) My question is, if I remove these tone knobs, how would each pickup react in relation to tone. Would it just be as if the tone was up all the way, but I would be unable to change it?
I dont know if the guitar will even work, but, why remove 'em?

-Yamaha Pacifica PAC012
-PBS 15Watts Amplifier
-Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal
-Monster 25ft. Cable
-Dunlop Tortex 1mm Picks
-Dunlop Strap (Heavy Duty)
- Ernie Ball 10-46
The volume knob is in a really awkward spot, so I wanted to take that one out and then maybe have just one tone knob and one volume. I was just wondering how it would work if I didn't have a knob hooked up to one of the tones.
If you remove the knobs then, well, nothing will happen. I assume you mean the potentiometers. You can remove the tone pots and still be able to use the guitar with just the volume, Click Here. This is of course assuming you have a 3 way switch on the guitar.

As far as the tone, I'm not sure if I can really explain it. I wired my friend's frankenstrat up and it only has a volume, basically you just don't have the option of chaning tone but I couldn't tell if it were like the tone were all the way up or down, I would say somewhere in between??

Edit: Now you say you want one volume and one tone, which is this.
Sure, it's possible to bypass the tone pots. When you rotate the tone pot, you add some capacitance to the signal, which cuts the high end. I would simply bypass the tone knobs, while still leaving them in the guitar. This will make it like they're always on '10'. If you look at the back the of the tone pots, where the wires go, you'll see each pot has 3 leads that connect to it. You want to connect the middle connection to one of the outside ones - it should be the one that doesn't have a capacitor connected to it. You can test it by momentarily shorting out the middle connection to one of the others with a small piece of wire while connected to your amp. Make sure the tone is turned all the down to 0, then short out the 2 connections. If it sounds like you've just rotated it back to '10', then that's the 2 you want to permanently short. If there's no change in the tone, then try the other 2. Use a soldering iron and solder to attach the shorting wire. You're done!
@chip46: If I can get the tone to be wide open then I wouldn't have a problem removing both knobs, I rarely touch it anyway.

@KG6_Steven: Thanks for the walk through. I'm either going to try it out tonight or tomorrow evening. Hopefully I do it right so I don't **** anything up, haha.