would you guys recommend this wah? I'm thinking about getting one for christmas. If not, what kind of wah would you recommend? Is it even worth getting a wah pedal? Thanks.
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Yep, id get one. Im not that good at using it yet though. I struggle to get it to sound amazing with what im playing. I got mine for 45 pounds
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it's awsome
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I got it..it's alright for something cheap and you don't care about settings, since it's basically just a pedal on a block. If you could, you should get the Ibanez Weeping Demon, but if you don't care, then a Dunlop Crybaby is still a decent pedal
theyre good but on that kind of wah pedal you have to push it up to turn it on, and you have to automatically have that particular sound. theres other pedals that turn on just by pushing it up or down, which can be a very good thing. but yeah, theyre pretty rad
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seriously, mine was cheaply made. dunlop crybaby wah for 60 at guitar center
idk, but for some reason it was just problems
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I've got the 535Q

it's nice, I like it anyways.
don't use it much though
curses! foiled again

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