hey guys i just ordered a kaoss pad from guitarcenters website and im confused how i am going to run the kaoss pad in my current set up. I have a guitar that directly plugs into my amp which than is a stereo out into my cabinet. I started to read up on some stuff and i think what i have to do is plug my guitar into my roland microcube on a clean setting and use the output to go into the kaoss pad. THan from the kaoss pad run another cable into my amp. One of my major problems is that the kaoss pad (mini KP) that im getting is stereo rca inputs and my roland microcube is a stereo headphone out. ANd how do i run the kaoss pad back into the amp without loseing half of the audio. My amp only has a 1/4 inch input and i think its mono after looking at my guitar cable. Please help!
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In the last video i noticed that the guy only used the left phono jacks. Does the mini kp have any functions that would be messed up because of this
Ibanez GAX w/Duncan's and Sperzels
Bugera 333 Head
4x12 Fane/Celestion Cab
what you want to do which is really what i'm doing is guitar -> kaoss pad (mini for myself) -> clean booster -> amp. i'm not too sure for the normal kaoss pad but i had to use a booster as their was a definate volume drop and also you will might want to have the kaoss pad and clean booster in a seperate loop by using a simple loop pedal like this http://www.loop-master.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=119 now to connect your kaoss pad what you are going to need is a 1/4" jack going to RCA so something like this http://www.guitarcenter.com/Live-Wire-TRS-M--Dual-RCA-Patch-Cable-100226821-i1166814.gc will do you fine. if you want a clearer explanation i can draw up a picture if you want.
The smartest way to use a Kaoss pad is to run it through an FX loop on your amp, by means of RCA-1/4" cables. You can also use those adapters to run it like a pedal, but you're better off with the effects loops thing.
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