hey guys, im getting a new pc real soon and i want to get some sort of guitar composing/editing/recording type program like or better than garage band. what are some good programs out there? do you have one that you would reccommend?? pros/cons/price of each?? thanks in advance as always!!

I recommend reaper if you want something fairly professional, but free.

If you're willing to pay, get a copy of cubase SX3. It's one of the best DAWs on the market, and it has many more features than most of the cheaper ones.

Lots of people are going to recommend audacity, but I find it's way too simple and there are no features for midi composition etc...
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Budget purchase = Reaper.

Cubase SX3 has been dead for two years. It is now Cubase 4. Highly recommended, though will run you the better part of a grand. There are trimmed down versions, though. Cubase 4 LE comes with a lot of the interfaces that are on the market right now. Thinking M-Audio and Fostex?

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