so what do you guys think of playing a relatively unknown cover in a show? the song in question is milk by kings of leon as like a third or fourth song in a set to kinda bring the crowd down but still carries a decent groove to dance to.......

my band all want to play it and we think its a great song but we dont know about playing a cover that people dont really know, so what are yalls opinions?
One of the reason bands do cover songs is so people remember them. There's nothing wrong with doing a cover song most people wont know, but it's safer to do a song people know so they can say "Oh yeah, that's the band that played Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry"
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well yea the majority of our covers are songs that people know,

our set list usually goes somewhere along the lines of

song 2
smells like teen spirit
rockin in the free world
the joker

simple man for the encore

we switch out rockin in the free world with killing in the name of, so as you can see our set list is a pretty up tempo the whole way through so my next question is would it be a good idea to throw something in there to bring it back down
Relativley unknown covers are good as long as you are playing to an audience that won't have just heard Use Somebody or Sex on Fire
It's worth paying attention to your audience. For example, if you play 70's progressive rock, people who have come to listen to you probably won't be confused if you drop a relatively obscure Pink Floyd or Genesis cover into the mix. However, playing The Black Angel's Death Song off the Velvet Underground and Nico might well lead to people getting bored because they have no idea what the song is doing.

Song length is also important. If you want to cover a less well known song, consider how long the audience are going to have to sit through something they might find boring as hell. Aim for shortish, definitely don't go and do a 12-minute song that only one person in the audience knows.
Introduce it as "this is a song called milk, if you've never heard it before, then we wrote it"
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My band used to cover A Certain Shade of Green by incubus, and we'd often get people thining it was our song. Even our manager congratulated us on our great new song.

Kings of Leon are really big at the moment though so i reckon you go for it.
"Milk" is a tune. Any serious Indie Kids are gonna jump straight on it, but yeah the mainstream people won't.

I say go for it though. The song stands up for itself.
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