Well im playing my guitar, but i hear this weird Faint sound when im playing..

i decided to turn off the sound on my guitar (knobs) and Turned my amp all the way,
im listening to some random advertisement off my amp. witch i didint think could EVER pick up a radio station lol..

Is there a way to fix it? because hearing "Buy Now!!!" while playing Deep Rock is pretty weird.
And, if Possible Can Anyone List the Tuning for "Drop B"

As in the Note for each open. Thanks! (Ex. EADGBe)
yah i had that too with my piece of crap 10w starter amp, but since i've upgraded i dont get that anymore hah.
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yeah, i need to do some of that too, i'm good and all, but the "First Act" Guitar is getting to weird to play.
My old Wah's used to do that, get a noise gate.
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Unplug the cord from your amp and see if you can hear the radio thru the amp alone. If it stops them you know it either the guitar or the cord. Plug the cord in just the amp and see if you can hear anything if not you know it's something in the guitar. Real cheap pups can pick up radio waves but it's usually a short or bad solder joint.