saga guitars makes a diy p-bass kit. along with tele, strat, and lp.
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best place to buy the saga kits are here

Well known to be reliable dealer, this quote sums up the reason to buy here alone

Unassembled Custom Guitar Kits* are inspected to begin with so you are not left with the hassles of trying to get a part swapped out. In some cases the cavities are properly re-routed and of course shielding paint is added to them to enhance your kit's capability's. I also precut all the head stock shapes (except HT-10 and LC-10 Style) so you don't have to go through the hassle yourself. I also include a second set of strings at no additional charge (not available for Bass kits). Use the Original Kit supplied strings to make your necessary adjustments and alignment, then throw them away and replace them with the fresh set supplied.


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dude, if you want, PM me. i can get you discounts on fender style bodies from wdmusic and allparts
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Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

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If yo have the money, Warmoth is the way to go. You can use the Pbass body with a Jbass neck. Its great. Any finish you want, any pickup configuration, and all the hardware you need. Just some screwing and a little soldering.