Well its getting around that time agian. I just got out our two snowmobiles this weekend and it was alot of fun. Just wanted to know approx. how many other people own snowmobiles on this site. Post pics if you want. I searched and didn't find alot on Snowmobiles.

Note that these links are to the best pictures I could find of my snowmobiles. The one link is on Ebay and it doesn't belong to me therefore i am not advertising it in any way. Just throwing caution to the wind.

My snowmobile is a 1997 Arctic Cat Z 440

My dads Snowmobile is a 2001 Arctic Cat ZR 1000. I couldn't find a good picture so I just got one from the model down from it. This happens to be on Ebay.
Other snowmobile
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I do. My dad practically collects recreational motor vehicles. Also, i'm in Michigan, in a small town, so like everyone has a snowmobile or at least a quad.
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thats mine right thar, or my old one. now i have a crossfire 7

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