Started and finished about three hours ago. VOX and lyrics. It's really short, around 2 minutes, but I'd love to make it longer sometime. I guess it's kind of folk-y sounding...

Gp5 and MIDI.
C4C but only if it's a good crit.

I sold my soul.zip

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I really like this song I listened to it three times.

The guitar and violin sound awesome and they go very well together

The vocals are great but you I think you made a mistake at bar 18 when you wrote the lyrics because you wrote "My will will be done"

I hope you make the song longer and record it

Nice Job
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Ah, you're right about the lyrics there. I did mean it "my will will be done", with the two "will"s having the different meanings, but it does look and sound rather odd. Makes just as much sense if I shorten it to "my will be done". The lyrics are very first draft anyhow. Thanks for comments.

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i think you could extend the 2nd note to De-serve. But its fine as is.

Not that bad of a song, kinda repetitive if you could elaborate on it a bit more it would be even better.

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it defineitly needs to be longer, sounds really cool, and the lyrics pwn

Haha, thanks man. I'm glad I've actually written some passable lyrics, even though there's only like 6 lines. I'm not sure if I want to make it longer... I want the message to stay short and simple, without getting too in-depth.

I'll try to get this recorded soon. I'm going to get a mic and sound card for Christmas, so hopefully soon after that.

I'm uploading a version that is kind of an alternate ending. It's a 3rd verse instead of the fade. This might make it even more repetitive, so tell me what you think. I'm also not sure if I'm fond of the added lyrics... I think it might be stretching now.

So, keep the crits, comments, and hopefully praise coming.
I sold my soul 2.zip

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