Hey Pit,
This is a longshot, but hey, it won't hurt to try...
A while back, I was looking around online for a bunch of random band shirts, I'm what you could call a band shirt whore.
Anyway, I was on some random site, I'm not sure what it was, not Rockabilia, but it could have been something like that, and I ran across this one shirt. From what I remember, it was black (I think, I could be off with the colors), and had the white silhouette of a city made up entirely of classic rock band and musician names.
Has anyone else seen this or something like it? And if that's the case, leave me a link to where I can find it and I'll love you forever.
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i dont know what it is but bret you got it goin oooooooooooooooooooo-oooooon
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No but it sounds like a pretty badass shirt.
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Spent ages looking for this myself the other day >_>
Great t-shirt though!