so i have very little woodworking skills. i've routed the pickup cavity in my brother's strat to put a humbucker in, but that's about it. one of my brother's friends wants me to put a floyd rose in his guitar, i have no idea what kind of guitar he has, how much he expects me to charge, but i do already have basically all the tools(sans the router templates. should i do it? i need some money for christmas shopping, but i dont know how i feel about cutting up someone elses guitar with so little experience
You know nothing about the guitar, don't tell him anything till you have an idea of what you're in for.

Charge him $500, buy templates, you can't **** it up with templates. Well, at least its really hard to **** it up with templates.
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If your not experinced I say dont do it you might screw it up then you have a pissed off friend w/o a guitar on your hands.
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