I'm doing bass build. Purpleheart body with a defretted squier neck(I bought a huge piece of purpleheart so I'll have a lot left over and I'll have enough to make 2 more guitars probably a flying V and a stat stlye) but anyway I'm going to use a musicman style humbucker and I was wondering what should I use? There is a SD bassline one I was looking at but it is kinda pricey, so I've been considering a GFS pickup from guitar fetish. any other suggestions?
i dont know much about it but i would just try the origional music man pickup and just order it from ernie ball. its the real McCoy, and imitators can do only that, imitate. idk how the music man style pickup will sound with a fretless neck or purpleheart body, but the idea sounds interesting and i hope it turns out well.
use the SD if you can shell out the cash. I've heard good things about GFS though.
im pretty sure musicman uses bartolini pickups. if you can get your hands on a lanepoor pickup deffinatley go for it though. they sound amazing.
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^ yeah, they do

GFS pickups generally get good reviews. All I've had experience with are the crunchy rails, but I'll say that they were excellent quality and sounded exactly how the site said they would.
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If you're on a budget, the Wilkinson pick ups really aren't that bad at all. They can be a little weak sometimes, but for the price I really like them.

Edit : Wow..I never knew Nordstrands were THAT pricey... scrap that idea then.