ok so i just spend 30 dollars today after breaking the g(6th string on my 12 string) 3 times. obviously im tuning it to high. if i tune it down to a low A then its not right.

will i ever be able to play hope by rush???

please help with some advice guys.

dadadd tuning tips
Yeah really why would you need 2 d strings in a row that would be pointless
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sorry TS that really sucks, did you want to play that song that bad? i would have just given up after the first break. too expensive
I've broken a couple G strings playing in this tuning (Love playing Hope and other very Celtic-sounding acoutic parts). My suggestion is just to use thicker gauge strings, I noticed that as soon as I changed strings on my acoustic (I didn't intend for them to be thicker) that I didn't break another G string tuning to DADAAD.

I would imagine it would also help to tune the G up last, but before you drop the B and E (as to offset the tension). Or maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about there, it's just a guess really.

Best of luck.
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