so i was looking at amps and i was like..enough with stacks ill look at combos..and i know its not a combo but it is still a 2 12..just in stack form...its the krans rev jr full stack!!!!...would this be enough power to play a show?

the head is rated at 20 watts...which can be alot of tube power...but how much are the speakers rated..it didnt say..what is the full wattage of this amp?
The speakers wattage plays no part in the power of the amp, their sensitivity has an effect on overall volume, but the amps wattage determines the volume of the amp.

20 watts is plenty of power, but this amp doesn't have the headroom of higher wattage amps so getting that mostly preamp distortion sound would be hard at gigging volumes I'd think
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
yea thats kinda what i thought..like..its practically a 2 12 but its not pushing too much volume...