This is a song I wrote yesterday. I really have no idea what genre to classify this in so that would be awesome if you could give me your opinion . It didn't take me too long but I still don't think its finished yet. Anyway, check it out and tell me what you think
My New Song.zip
thats what I would have to say it is.

my impression of the chords going on in this song,
"I don't give a crap about anything. Especially making pretty noises. And I'm gonna sound freaking BA as much as I wanna. Lets go. Bawa Bawa Bawawawawawaaaaaa"


I actually liked it. The chord structure is really interesting and props for having a decent bass line. (though I didn't much care for some of the slides the bass does, could just be the way GP does it though) Do you have vocals for this? Lyrics?
Everything fit together well and I would love to hear a recording of it being actually played.

I like it, I would probably classify it as Metal, due to it sounding to me like one or Fade to Black.

But those Chords, I don't know what's up with that, fixable though.