I tried tuning my guitar in C# tuning for the first time but I don't really like the sound it doesn't sound as heavy as it should is this because I need bigger strings?(I got .009-.042)
Thank you
k I'll probably go with D'addatio heavy gauge(0.012) but will my standard tuning still sound ok?
Yes bigger def. It'll sound way better on bigger strings. Your best best is probably 11s or maybe 12s. Go with 11s and see how they work for you
wow... i have 10s on my Explorer and its in C# Standard atm, it sounds fine, action is nice and everything.


EDIT: I remembered i have DR 11s on there right now, sorry
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hey i have a question too. if i wanna tune to D standard/drop C and i have a floating trem should i use .010's or stick with .009's?
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Well theres alot of guitarists that use 9s with dropped tunings. My suggestion is a bigger gauge just to be on the safe size