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How much did it snow outside for you guys? for us it would be about 20 cm this is the most snow we have had in years I think.
All the ****ing snow clouds over Portland started moving north, and as soon as they hit my town, they dissipated, so it's ****ing 20F here with no snow.

It pisses me off that God has to **** with us like that.
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absolutely none
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None, and thank God for that. In London, when it snows, the children melt
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It LIGHTLY snowed for about 2 hours a few days ago. No snow on the ground, but some cars were lightly frosted. Texas heat sucks.
New England got a terrible ice storm

i live in MA. we lost power and heat for days. fallen trees everywhere.
it was terrible
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we got about 4 inches , but its like -47 here though.
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There's a good foot on the ground here and it's -40 C (which is also -40F, in case you didn't know).
Theres no snow now, and no signs of it. It was nice today, had a warm breeze all day
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Well...we've had plenty already. A pretty decent amount, considering what time of year it is...something like...well it's likely been more than 2 feet since the snow started staying in early December. It's had a couple melting days where it went down though...but there's still a lot.

And the average temperature for the past few weeks has definitely been below 0 degrees Celsius. So, below 32 Fahrenheit. Like, it's literally the off day every 2 weeks that it gets above the freezing point.

All part of living in Ottawa!

Oh, and to anyone who says we're a snowbound nation, consider this: it gets to the high 90's/low 100's in the summer. That's 20's to 30's Celsius.
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You're welcome
We had about a foot of snow, but yesterday it was like 40 F and it all melted. Then today, it went do to -15.
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It snowed 6 inches here yesterday, and was -45 degrees windchill this morning (-17 degrees without)

It was super windy though, so school was canceled. Though just barely.
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Anybody here proud of the fact that they get rain instead of snow? Eh...?

Well I'm not... Although rain is definitely awesome, it clears the air and makes everything seem fresh and new. The only snow that we've ever gotten while I've lived here (about 15 years) is one day when we got less than a cm, and it melted by the afternoon. Twas fun to mess around in though.
i live in league city texas and it was a damn fine amount considering this is the south.
we haven't got any snow at all yet this year. last year it didn't snow until easter and it just snowed for like 10 minutes.

Louisiana sucks. because of the humidity when it's hot it feels really hot, and when it's cold it feels really cold. but we don't get much snow at all.
Quote by The_Seventh_Sin
New England got a terrible ice storm

i live in MA. we lost power and heat for days. fallen trees everywhere.
it was terrible

+1 except Vermont
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Only got a dusting here in the KC area...a little bit of ice went from 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) to 25 degrees (Fahrenheit) between 8 and noon on Sunday. Been cold as **** ever since.
my god... it was 60F in Phila today. it was real nice.

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Quote by The_Seventh_Sin
New England got a terrible ice storm

i live in MA. we lost power and heat for days. fallen trees everywhere.
it was terrible

Not all of it. Here in southern CT, we've gotten NO SNOW WHATSOEVER. It's also been averaging 50 and 60 degrees, which is fucking weird for this time of year.
We don't get much snow in Las Vegas,it'll snow occasionally,but it'll melt in a matter of hours.It's supposed to snow sometime this week,but the weather man always lies to me.:-/
coldest its been here in decades, Seattle that is. **** global warming, its all about global cooling, its cold as balls outside! but i shouldn't bitch cuz when its 20 (farenheit) here, its below 0 in the eastern part of the state.

my town got the most snow out of all of them , only 2 inches but tons of ice. i had a fun time saturday night driving in a pickup truck. i put chains on the next mornin tho.

were gonna get a bunch this week tho.
about 3 inches (just outside of Seattle). It's about 20 F right now, and the roads are full of ice. Expecting more snow later in the week.

EDIT: ^ whoa, timing...
It snowed in eugene, oregon for like 8 hours got 6 inches and thick ass ice. Now its suppose to snow for the rest of the week? it never snows here and snow SUCKS!
Quote by The_Seventh_Sin
New England got a terrible ice storm

i live in MA. we lost power and heat for days. fallen trees everywhere.
it was terrible

nh got nailed, i still dont have power from friday. i feel bad for people without wood stoves.
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