I'm quite proficient at playing black metal and tremolo picking on guitar, but I haven't figured it out on bass yet. Whenever I try using my fingers it doesn't sound right, kind of hard to explain, but it's like using a strum pattern of upstroke, upstroke, upstroke, upstroke etc which doesn't sound right because tremolo picking is downstroke, upstroke, downstroke, upstroke, downstroke, upstroke

and I can't get it right with a pick either. I tried using a pick after noticing Abbath in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32n1AK6o5i0
..there is bass in black metal?

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So whats your question? I'm just gonna say keep practising at it, thats all you can really do.
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..there is bass in black metal?

Varg Vikernes, maybe? anyway, I think he's playing with a pick, that would explain it.
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I don't see what the question is...
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i'm asking if there's a way to use your fingers to make it sound right, but it doesn't sound right to me because it's a pattern up up, up, up, up instead of down, up, down, up

or if the answer is a pick can someone recommend a specific one? I use Dunlop Big Stubby 3.0 mm for bass picks
I'd go with a thinner pick. I get more attack from thin picks, which is useful in black metal.
It might not work for you, but it's worth a shot.
Also play closer to the bridge (with fingers and pick). You may also want to try increasing the treble on your amp.
A pick is pretty much required if you want to play bm, unless you have godly endurance in your fingers.. I use a big stubby 2.0 mm.