might be a bad question, but how do you tune your guitar to BDDDDD for the song Iris?
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Err...since when is iris in BDDDDD? Anyways I guess use a tuner...or try tuning it by ear...there are sites that tell you how to tune by ear...I can't ever do it but it's worth a try.
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Err...since when is iris in BDDDDD?

Since always.

Anyway, TS:

Two highest strings: tuned to D, same D as the highest string in D standard.
Two middle strings: tuned to the D string E standard.
Next lowest string: same as the D from Drop D.
Lowest string: Tune aaallll the way down to B.
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Or you could play it in standard...that's how I always did it cause it was easier to sing to

Verse: D-Em-G-Bm-A-G
Chours: Bm-A-G

(there's a tab on UG bro)
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Just look up chords in standard...it may sound a bit different but it should be worth it since there's no chances of breaking every string on your guitar lol
I tried the tuning this morning. I thought I was about to bust a B string all over my basement. It's kind of a cool tuning, but a scary couple moments while you get there.