Hello UG forums, I recently bought a strat (most likely a squire) from a local pawn shop and sanded it and painted it. This guitar looked and felt like **** when I first got it, someone had painted it camo white and gray and added decals from model nazi model planes on it. Funny thing is someone was desperate enough to carve 2 pipes into this guitar to smoke weed from. so I stripped it sanded it and painted it baby blue and fixed the action. When I got the guitar the head stock was painted over so I couldn't see what it was but I picked it up for 40 bucks and put about 50 into it and it sounds great but the one question eating me is what the hell is this thing. The only thing that could help is a date stamp on the back of the neck that says October 11 99. I am going to repaint it and add gloss to it soon. Also I'm going to put wood filler in the holes so people will stop asking to smoke out of my guitar.

Sorry about the ****ty quality of the pictures all I have is a camera phone.

i'm pretty sure fender has a copyright on their headstock shapes, therefore making it either a squier or a fender, i might be wrong though. that looks like the big 70's style headstock.
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that's what we were thinking, didn't start suing people in like 95 over the headstock?
I would say a fender. cause those pickups, and head. although basicly impossible to tell from that.
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Why would you ever want to smoke weed from a guitar?! But if it plays and sounds good and you like it, that's great.

I have no idea, but really fender? that would be crazy for forty bucks hell yes
Nice find, after you fix it up it will be well worth your investment, and for god sakes people could make a pipe out of many other things, why the hell would you use an electric guitar.
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From the headstock, I'd say it's a squier. And seriously, how desperate do you have to be to carve a pipe into your guitar?
You guys seem to have confused "ambition" with "desperation." Not everyone's priorities rank "spotlessness of guitar collection" above "novelty of pipe choice."
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