Alright so I wanna learn some new songs, and I'm all out of ideas for what to learn. So that's why i came to you guys!! What are some good somewhat challenging songs to learn if I can play:

Sweet Child of Mine
Master of Puppets (without the second solo)
The Four Horsemen
Sweating Bullets
Raining Blood (minus the random part)
When the Sun Burns Red by Kreator
Look at your collection, choose a song, learn it....
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im lookin for suggestions that might not be in my collection, otherwise that's what i would have done
Everything from Amon Amarth, it's simple. And Amon Amarth is hella brutal

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Am I Evil by Diamond Head
or Welcome Home by King Diamond
Total Failure

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try some trivium as i lay dying or as blood runs black for heavy stuff but something you might want to try is the fall of troy they are completely different and hard to play you might like them
welcome home by coheed and cambria is fun
when by megadeth
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I would try something different from what you usually go for. Go for "Sultans of Swing."

All the licks and riffs are not particularly hard by themselves but learning this song and learning to sound good playing it will do wonders for your playing. Guaranteed. Of course, learn to play it with your fingers the way old Marky Mark plays it.