So i've been trying to hunt down a violin effect like this for a long long time


Not really a big COB fan, not since i was 14 lol. I just think the effect is sick and i wanna get it.

some people are talking about Ebows, volume pedals, delay, i dunno what the answer is really. someone out there know?
Sounds like a small string section... It's actually pretty awesome if it wasn't trying so hard to sound METALZ!!!

The only thing I can think is that it's a harmonizing effect or a guitar synth of some kind. Something like an Electro Harmonix POG or Micro Synthesizer...

Not sure though...
^ i would have to agree with that... It just makes you guitar sound like strings...
flintazra wrote:

I think the next person to shoot up a school should list Jonas brothers and Hannah Montana as his favorite "musicians."