Was thinking of buying a Schecter omen 6 for a beginner, I read some reviews but they were people who played through a zoom 505 into a MG so I'd like some opinions on this guitar, would it be a good guitar for a beginner .

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I think so... They are a budget guitar and they are put together nice. Plus Schecter Makes good guitars. They are priced good and they play nice...
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Yeah man they'd be really good for a beginner, i've had an omen 6 ever since i've been 6 months in, im now 2 and a half years in and its still one of the best guitars i've ever played, even though its getting on a bit now

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Schecter is a budget guitar. They may not have the glam as Fender or Gibson, but they make nice quaility guitars.
My friend's brother owns one and I've played on it a bit. Having 24 frets helps you alot when trying to go to lower tunings. My only problem was the E string getting caught under the higher frets. Felt kind of cheap but then again, it probably should since it's a starter guitar.
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