OK! so me and Kat are going to practice with Parker tomorrow, it's our first real jam session and it's one of Kat's first guitar experiences, although me and her have been working for a while- she is very quickly picking up the basics of guitar playing and she wants to gig and so do me and my buddy/pal/drum guru Parker. (he sounds like Neil pert, it's scary) anyway- due to our lack of experience, we're gonna start slow- with a cover of 'Seven Nation Army' at our school talent show (if the jamming goes ok.) using this song as an example i need to know a lot of the following things, and help understanding casual gigging as a whole and the mechanics of band starting is more than appreciated.

1) we have no octave pedal, will it sound ok if the main riff is played on a bass guitar with me doing the chord part on a normal 6 string?

2) can a 15 watt amp be safely hooked up to the school gym speaker/PA/i'm to much of a noob to know what it is called without shorting or exploding or something? is 15 watts enough? if you know what i'm trying to say and can answer thanks, i suck at this kind of thing.

3) if not, can i expect a crowd of 1300 teenagers to be able to hear my practice amp if i crank it? i've never played really loud, and i'm not sure if it'll be loud enough or if it'll be all muddy or WHAT. so i need to know whether i have to resource a stack from somewhere. i know that's IDEAL, but it's a question of how. you can't really help me there.

4) i've learned the most faved version of the song in the UG archive- but should i go buy the tabbook to make sure i have it right? i don't want it to sound wrong.

5) should we try a more drum heavy song to show parker off? i don't want him to be forced into baby stuff just to make room for Kat and me- if you guys know a song that has easier guitar parts but awesome drumming, that would be widely recognized by a crowd of idiot kids and would be fun to play and learn, i would like suggestions.

6) VOCALS! i'm semi confident in my vocals, Kat says it sounds a lot like modest mouse when i sing, and i don't want to drag good instrumentation down with a terrible jack white impersonation- how should i practice vocals? what will make me sound more like the piece?

7) Kat can borrow a Bass for the show, but in the long term a good starter guitar will be needed. something with a bit more small hands friendly fretboard and a reasonable price would be cool- i was looking at squire strats but i don't know if it'll be worth it- are they REAL? you know what i mean, will it play with the big toys? or are they just for practice. any help/suggestions?

8) TONE! i play a low end gretsch, it sounds similar to white stripes (same brand/similar tone) but i want that four track kind of sound that the song has- how much is sounding cheap gonna cost me? i have a CRATE GFX-15, so i have a delay effect, but it's more echo than tape flutter. what should i try to get my hands on? should i even try to emulate the effect at all? help, please, oh magical guitar heroes.

9) experience- 1300 is not a small first show. but i do theater and am kind of well known, it's not like i can put up a couple of flyers for a quick warm up show between now and then and expect 20 kids, everyone knows me and it's likely that i'm going to draw some people. I'm OK, i even played a choir recital with an arrangement of greensleeves i wrote for the guitar. but Parker an Kat are likely to be overwhelmed by anything more than 30 people, i would hate for them to choke and feel embarrassed. will enough practice help them with this? or is it just like sex- the first time is always gonna suck? comments from people who have played shows, please!

that's it for now, but i'm gonna need help to make sure things go as smoothly as possible, so stay tuned. thanks for all the potential help, and if you didn't help at all, well then... i dunno... that was mean? something.
but what if it can't and i'm out my only amp? then i'm really ****ed.
thanks, though.
1) You'll have to decide that for yourself.

2) Yes, mic the amp and run it through the PA system. 15 watts is fine if you're micing it. It works, I've done it. If you have a stage crew, talk to them about it and see what they can do for you.

3) ^

4) No, tab books are just as likely to be wrong as anything on here. Use your ears! Doesn't matter if it's perfect anyway, as long as it sounds good to you. It's your interpretation.

5) Meh, maybe give him a short solo at the end or something.
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When doing covers, i'd suggest not sticking to the original version too much. With that in mind, you could probably double up the bass and guitars, let the drummer have his fun, and sing it however you want to.

Don't be too conscious about doing it the way it's done on the record.
he doesnt use a guitar on the main riff he uses a bass.
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It's a guitar with an octave pedal I thought?

Anyway, You could try that song "Lump", and cuz its late i forget the exact band. but its got a pretty sick drum bit, and I think i'd go as far as to say its actually easier than Seven Nation Army. and you can really sing it however you want too.

And hey, dont worry about 1300 kids at your school. My first show was infront of my school as well, and it was about 2000 kids or so. We did a cover of black sabbath's paranoid, I dropped my pick on the first chord, had to play the whole song using the fingernail, and we were playin a beefier more "modern" sounding version too... so no palm muting, my hand was bleedin all over the gym floor by the end of the solo. I took a big dive off my half stack at the end, and damn near wound up on my face. To top it off, cuz im not the best singer in the world, i got kinda james hetfield on the mic, and had to play chicken with the sound guy... we blew three of the power amps on the PA somehow... it was awesome.

You guys will do fine. I had all that go wrong, and it still kicked ass, and i wasn't even too well known in my high school, you said you were in theater? and lots of people know/like ya, they'll all think you kicked arse unless you guys completely choke. I doubt that'll happen though, just remember, the crowd aint actually there, treat it like your just jammin, and treat jammin like your playin a gig, and it all works out fine.
1) Yes

2) YEs

3) No

4) no

5) maybe (decide for urself)

6) there's a singing thread here that u can check out. It's stickied at the top of MT

7)I don't understand, from bass to guitar? i'm confused.

8) I don't know,, just check out some stuff and see how u like the sound,

9) this is different for everyone, since everyone has most likely got different fears that could go wrong, and sometimes it's rooted deeper.

Only way to practice that is to play shows regulary.

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5) 'Wipeout'

that song has awesome drum solos in it, and the guitar parts are really simple. It follows the standard 1 4 5 progression, so it should easily appeal to a bunch of idiots because its something thats familiar sounding. I dont know who the song is by.

its also sh8tloads of fun to play
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you guys are fantastic- Kat wants to play guitar, the only reason we're using the bass for 7NA is that it's easier to resource a BASS than an effect pedal. IDK why, the effect pedal is cheaper, but i also can't imagine loaning out any effect pedal i might someday own (MAN, i'm poor.)
and that's another thing- how do we do it all? that seems like a lot to ask, you can't in the long run help us, but will constant shows with no cover charge and a bunch of CDs/T-shirts to sell ever amount to anything more? i get the feeling that if you make yourself known, that if you really want to play the music and if you really make a splash, that the other stuff will kind of follow, but we're talking about promotion at practice today, and this is our plan-

1)print B/W flyers of with school paper (cuz it's free that way)
2)record the demo with parker's friend's wal*mart digital tape recorder
3) sharpie maker "d'accord" on the CD-Rs (also stolen from school)
4)promote via myspace/facebook/devart/gaia (whatever that is)
5) play a song at keller's choir recital (free for us)

it seems like we're cheating, like we should own most of the stuff we steal/borrow/beg for, and i don't want it to bite us- i feel like we're getting a lot of hands involved, and talk about numbers- i mentioned the possibility of doing a show at lunch and the tables around us exploded with people asking questions. what if everyone knows about us, and we play the music, and they love it, but it's not enough? like... like what if bands like nirvana can't happen anymore and the only way to have people listen to your music (we have SO many songs, parker came in after writing like twelve different drum parts and put them to my various riffs/verbage.) is to be a total *****? i don't know if i can be a *****. it seems like if i have to write sharpie marker over a thousand CDs and beg music stores and local rock stations to do something with them, its. i dunno. it's a lot of anxiety. my guitar (our ONLY guitar) goes buzz buzz buzz and i can't make it stop and our amp only works if you tape the cord to the right in the jack and our mike stand shrinks when i sing and parker works so hard and Kat works so hard and i feel like if they never get anywhere, then it's kind of on me. these ridiculously talented (Kat came to school today, picked up the guitar and played this riff she WROTE- she's been playing for a week and she WROTE this unreasonably genius song.) kids might be sunk because we can't afford to play with the kids who have cube 60s and american standard strats and money for PICKS and strings that aren't 'first act' and they can just ask for it and someone gets it for them. it's not right. i dunno, it's just like- we've had ONE practice and we already have so much **** together, we can record TOMORROW, practice for a month and. IDK- i thought i was gonna have to worry about these guys choking, but they made it kind of clear that they want to see that crowd of faces as much as i do, and they prolly deserve it more. i just want help making sure they get to- advice or whatever else you got.

also- wipeout: the surfaris
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