ok, i go to a lot of metal shows, and almost every one i go to i see the same little man. this dudes a midget, hes like 60 or 70 years old and i've seen him from San Francisco to Reno Nevada. hes ****ing everywhere! he always goes in the mosh pits. last time i saw him was in Chico with lamb of god playing. i almost stepped on him! has anyone else seen this little troll?
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Yea, he's in my garden all of the time.

thats what he looks like minus the hat and the awesome beard
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Yea, he's in my garden all of the time.

What this man say's is win.
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Is it safe to thrust sticks up your butt and walk around screaming, "THE STICKMAN COMETH!"?

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im going to buy one of those hats and tell him to wear it
oh so your that asshole who keeps looking at me and nearly ****ing stepped on me?
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and im 14 got any problems ill f*ckin drop you.


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its kensai
It has come to my recent attention that our good friend CoreysMonster is not permanently detained in the Fotb.

i would like to make an apology to the following people:

that is all.

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