ok i need to get a new head/new amp. Im looking at either the krank rev jr or the at100 because they both cost the same amount. My reason for getting the krank is because its smaller and lighter to carry around. I can bring this to practice and hook it up to my cab. i can also bring it home and hook it up to my smaller cabs that allow me to practice in my bedroom. the problem is that this amp isnt gig material. i mean its loud but for that price the b52 is like louder bigger and probably more suitable for gigs. The at100 also has reverb knobs and other control knobs that the krank doesnt have but its alot heavier and bigger to carry around. If i bought that at100 i could only use it in my drummers garage when we practice so i wouldnt actually get anything new for my bedroom. See the dilemna? so what do you guys think about these 2 amps? like which one would you get for the money? i just wanna make the most out of my money
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Krank being giggable: 20watts valve is plenty for giggin, but you might have to get the pro version, because the standard isn't footswitchable.
The Krank may be loud enough for gigging depending on the size of the venue, how loud the drummer is, is there is another guitarist and what his setup and volume is, etc. I personally would go for the B52. Great amp for the money, very versatile, nice cleans, nice distortions.
The Krank would be fine for gigs. With the gain cranked, those 20 tube watts are going to scream, and if you do play venue's that it can't fill, well they'll have a P.A. there anyway.
As a personal owner of B-52 AT100 half stack...get the B52.
-And what the guys are saying how it's enough for giggin', it's not you need the 100W to get a nice loud tone.
--I love dimebag, but go for the B-52, it's amazing.