Tomorrow the shop is open so I'm selling back the amp that mysteriously stopped working within seconds, I've been contemplating on which axe I wanna get at a low budget, and a small solid state combo for practice in my room, cuz I'm sick of my current combo.

I was thinking of this Douglas, pretty much like cheaper Agile, lol.
and then just gearing it up, I think it would be a pretty damn good guitar for the price paid. Put a Duncan Blackout in the bridge and an EMG 85 in the neck.

Any of you guys got a Douglas by any chance? I know the Agile's are great, so I'm guessing it will be impressive for such a cheap guitar, especially with a hot pickup swap and a new amp. All V's are very comfortable for me.

For an amp I was thinking about getting a Peavey 30W Vypyr Combo for $200, is there a better amp at that price that's suited for some good tone for metal music?

But yeah, since I can't try out the Douglas, I'd want to get some feedback on them, I mean I know it's cheap but they got ridiculous quality for such low prices. My current axe is a alexi-200 ltd lh, which I'm starting to get sick of because I want a neck pickup and a guitar without a tremolo.
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