i was wondering how hard it would be to do this ? can i do it myself?(ive never did wiring before) or should i take it to a tech? if so how much would it be? and what sound differnence is there when the humbuckers slanted like the single coil compared to it being straight?
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i think this is in the wrong forum, but i'll help anyway:

1) Not that hard, what kind of guitar do you have? If its a strat style, check under the pickguard; you may have a guitar that is routed for a humbucker already, in which case all you'd need is to get a new pickguard.
2) Wiring isn't that hard, there are plenty of instructional videos showing how to do it, plus it doesn't hurt to learn.
3) iono bout the slanted humbuckers.
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To put a new one in you need to use a router to enlarge the hole and buy a new pickguard. The wiring isn't that hard.
its a 2008 american standard fender stratocaster
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^ Some Strat's are router HSH, so there may be space for a humbucker, as mentioned above.

TS, you would need a new pickguard to accommodate the larger size of the humbucker, or atleast, you would need to be able to cut the pickguard you have already. Buying one is probably a better option. Slanting the pickup probably won't make much of a difference to your overall tone, you may find some strings are slightly bassier or have more treble than if it were straight, but there is a negligible difference.

If you have a soldering iron, some solder, and can follow a wiring diagram, you can do this yourself without much trouble. If you think yourself not capable of that, a tech will be able to overcharge you for this simple service, but you can be guaranteed that they will produce a working product.
The easyest way to put a humbucker in your strat is to sell it, and buy an SG or a Les Paul :-P The sound will be a ton better, believe me
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its a 2008 american standard fender stratocaster

Then you'll need to route the body, or go for a stacked humbucker which is the same size as a single,.
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aren't americans already routed for hsh?

and buy a new pickguard...rather than possibly butchering the current one.

why didn't you buy an hss strat ???
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Yea my older brothers 2007 American Strat is routed for a HSH setup already. I don't Know about yours, but you the first post pretty much nailed the way to do it.
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