Would anyone recommend this? I've heard the amp distortion is crap but i'm using a pedal. There is one Australian punk/rock band whos guitarist uses this amp and gets it sounding fairly fuzzed up. Maybe run it through a 4x12 cab? Is there another solid state amp that is of this high quality?
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There are certainly SS amps of that quality but the Jazz Chorus os NOT a rock amp. At all/
For punk, maybe the Ampeg VH 140c could do it.
The JC120 is great for clean tones. I've heard Metallica use them for cleans in the studio. This will not translate in to great overdrive/distortion tones when you slap a pedal in front of it. In my opinion pedals are great as boosters for the amp (level set high, gain set low) but their actually disctortion tones (with gain set high) are pretty crap for the most part especially when compared to a Marshall JCM 800, Peavey 5150, Boogie Dual Rec set at high gain levels.
I used mine for alt/hard rock, but only because I used my Boss GT-8 with it.
Just as the amp itself, no way.
Metallica use them live too.

They take pedals very well, do perhaps with the correct distortion thrown in front, you could get the sound you're after.
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how do those marshall handles compare tonewise to, say, mesa handles?

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I have one and the other guitarist in one of my bands uses one too.

I wouldn't reccomend it for hard rock. Maybe some alt and post-rock, but definately not punk or hardrock.

I mean, like AndyPandy says, they do take pedals extremely well. Which means you can probably achieve the sound that way, but it seems silly trying to make the amp do what it isn't naturally good at.