I was browsing some local guitar websites trying to find a nice strat. The cheapest I found was a standard USA strat for $900 but then I came across this. It seems too, un-straty if you can say so. The pickups are really good and it has a nice trem. the knobs are also oddly placed and the headstock is a lot different to other strats.



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is it even a fender? do fenders have a factor in japan??

and this is a "strat" not a "stratocaster"

and those cuts in the body and neck heels, fender doesnt do those.

and i have never heard of the tremolo manufacturer

and the site doesnt tell you anything about the guitar really (wood, pickups....)

i would say stay away.
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well fender certainly made Heavy metal strats in the 80's and a lot were made in japan but thats all i can say
buy it, if its not sue them for selling a fake and then get the moolah
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I think you could see from a mile away it's not a Fender Stratocaster. The name says it all - it's "Strat", perhaps not a bad copy, but defo not genuine.
That is either a heavy metal strat made by Fender or a fake of one.

Those are pics of a real one.

It looks good to me
It's legit. Go for it.

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Yep, it's good. And pretty cool as well.
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That guitar actually looks pretty cool (except for that disgusting decal on the headstock...they should have just gone for the classic "Fender Stratocaster" in the normal Fender font). I'd go for it.
Go for it, it's real.

I have been looking everywhere for one of those.
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Go for it!
It's one of Fenders own superstrats. And who cares if it's really a Fender if its a good guitar?
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I have the same guitar. What you have is a GENUINE Fender HM Strat from around 1988-1990. It is a nice guitar for hard rock/metal. If it is a real Fender model, it should have DiMarzio Super Distortion humbucker w/ coil tap toggle switch, and 2 singles. Kahler Spyder tremelo, 24 frets, sculpted heel and body, Gotoh tuners.
From what I can see, that is what you have. A 1988-1990 import (Japan) HM Strat should run you $300-$400 US
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Go for it, looks amazing

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Looks almost exactly like my BC Rich :P

Anyway, if it IS anything like my BC Rich (which also had a Kahler Spyder) I'd buy it. NOW.
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My guitar teacher has it,it's the one of the original super strats made in the 80'.....you're lucky if you can get one them
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I forgot about those! I dislike Strats as a rule but IMHO those were some of the best Strats Fender ever made. When I first saw one I too thought it was a fake and passed on it later after checking it out I saw they were made but by that time it was already sold.

damn ive never seen such a strat...but ive heard of them...my dad used to own one but he sold it cause he wanted a regular "real" strat...damn thats an interesting guitar...not my style though
It's an old "HM" strat from the 1980's. For $1,000, if you play anything like they did in the 80's(not including Stevie Ray, if you play like him you'll want a normal strat like me. ), get it.

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