Normally I would be able to advise my friend on what to get, but tbh I havnt looked at new gear prices etc for a good year or so.

Anyways, my friend is getting a guitar for christmas, he has £200 to spend on a NEW guitar (doesnt want to go second hand as much as I have said it could be better). It will be his first guitar so he will play alot of genres, but mostly classic rock/blues. One of his other friends suggested a Fender Squire, but I thought a Yamaha Pacifica 112 would be a better choice (versatility with the hum in the bridge, and when he plays the blues/classic rock he has the singles in middle and neck). To be honest although this doesnt help...im not sure if he needs an amp in that price as well. For now im pricing it without.
it is almost certain that he will buy another guitar if he gets serious so i dont think it matters.

i would say a squier. they are made by fender and all so he could get a feel for what their guitars are like.

try to find one made of good wood, then he has the option to just modify it into something pro.
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