You know those crazy inventions that are both stupid and awesome at the same time?
post them here! Here's an example.

"Bandai Asovision has taken possibly the most enjoyable side benefit of having a gadget obsessed life and made it 100% legitimate with the PuchiPuchi, a gadget that emulates the joy of popping bubble wrap. The PuchiPuchi simply features eight buttons that each make a popping sound when you press them: for extra enjoyment, the creators have sought to include bonus popping sounds like "door chime" and "sexy voice" every 100 pops, and there's also a one-in-a-thousand chance that your PuchiPuchi will be a super special "puchi lucky" toy with a heart shaped bubble. Frankly, the concept is so absurd -- and, well, Japanese -- that it might just work. Still, we've got to admit to hoping that each PuchiPuchi includes a healthy portion of real bubble wrap on the side."
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I liked the inflatable suit trousers... guys what is the proper japanese name for these things they own this type of nonsense

I mean seriously, whats the point?
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I mean seriously, whats the point?

There's a few; Aberdaron, St David's Head, Barry etc...
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I mean seriously, whats the point?

The sheer lulziness of hearing Welsh people speak?
the internet
if you think about it and whats on it and what it can do its pretty wacked out
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I really need one of those. I keep having to buy new movies because no one will rewind my DVDs for me. Those assholes at Blockbuster just act like I'm a total moron so that I will spend more money there. I don't understand it.
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There's a few; Aberdaron, St David's Head, Barry etc...

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