I want a floydless guitar and i was looking at this..is it worth the price?? it has a bolt on neck but i've always liked jacksons bolt ons anyway
I own one, just replaced the pickups

they're damn awesome bro you won't regret it.
But try and play it if you can.

the DKMGT are quite good and they have an altered bridge so they stay in tune better or something like that.
I've played one in store, they're a great sounding guitar, amazing feel, neck really fitted my hands and style of playing. I only didn't get one because my band became five peice and I'm just doing vox (y).

If I had to buy a guitar, value for money wise, that would be the one.
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I have the version with a trem and it hasn't let me down in 2 years or however long I've had it.

How are the EMGS?? I've never had active pickups before