Hello guys!
This is my first thread of very few I promise. Anyway Ive been interested in building my own guitar as a project but everywhere I look it gets confusing as to what parts I need, through research I understand most of the items/parts required I have so far

Exterior Parts

-Mahogany Body ( which I will be cutting and design a unique Tele shape)
-Neck (fretboard) and Head (with tuning pegs)
-Strings (ernie ball)
-Tone, Volume, Drive, Stab, Comp, Gate Knobs
-Humbucker pick-up.

Its on the interior that I eludes me. What do I need for the interior? Do the above parts
Just Solder together to become the whole interior system?
And due to simplicity should it be easy enough to Solder the system together?

Feel Free to amend or Add parts for me and bits of advice however please consider Im new to this game.

Many thanks

Lone Star.
I have a sweet mahogany chunk on wood that I have started taking to a tele shape.
But are you on eBay?
Only problem is Im on a budget and In the U.K.
See Id be looking for a chrome pickups and another dig out at the end side of the guitar to fit either a kaoss pad of Fuzz factory =( But Damn that thing looks mighty fine
Love Muse, but its also for my band as we too are trying to find new ways to incorporate the kaoss pad a fuzz factory, also I just wanna jam at home and at parties my invincible solo just isnt right without the build in kaoss pad :P

Can you help?
You don't need the KP for Invincible , but anyway.
Check out the Luthiery Thread on the official muse boards , it's in KT , there's loads of info and talk about how to build a mattocaster.
From your first post I gather you don't really know how a guitar functions , electrically speaking.
The Fuzz Factory mod is hard if you don't know what you are doing , there's alot of places where you can go wrong.
And for the Kaoss Pad , here's how to do it: http://www.unmaintained.com/forums/ShowThread.aspx?PostID=43#43
Have fun , tough I doubt you'll be able to make one whitout documenting yourself.
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ah okay. this is what i was looking to sell :

one piecer too

dude, how much do you want for it
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Well, How do you do the drilling for the bits of wiring to go through the guitar?
Also how do we learn how to wire up the pots Etc?
many guitar wiring websites
Check out InvaderJim's new wiring diagram thread.
For the fuzz factory, you wire the wires going to the output jack of your guitar to the input jack of the FF and then the output of the FF to the output jack on your guitar
For the Kaoss pad, someone posted a link for it before. But check out the Ultimate Kaoss pad thread.. although it hasnt got to much in it

With the neck it isnt a fretboard and a head. Its just one long piece of wood (with the exception of laminate necks and scarf joints) and that piece of wood goes up the whole neck with a fretboard glued onto it Just so you know for future references

Just one pickup? Why not two? Gives your more variations

The FF knobs are easy Just route a cavity for the FF electronics and then drill 3 holes for the knobs

I think that was all your questions
For drilling, you will need a router to do all cavities. Then if your not using a pickguard, you get a long drill bit and drill through the wall between the neck pocket and neck pickup and then keep drilling all the way to the bridge pickup. Then drill through the body from the bridge pickup to the electronics cavity.