Ok, the last week has been crap!
grandfather n1 -> cancer
grandfather n2/godfather -> heart attack, but lived trough it
mother -> possible cancer, in an only female arrea
my cat -> crushed under an old ladys car

and now, I have to get my architecture work valuated by people of the university, and I don't have **** (2 hours to make it)

i'm in deep....

anyone else going to a hard time at the moment?
it makes me feel better if others suffer as well.
It could've been worse, look at Jesus: He died!

Srsly, I feel sorry for you (and my sh!tty post). I feel like sh!t too most of the time.

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before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
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Im sorry for your lack of cat in your life, and im sorry for your families sickness'. As for the project, your fault for not planning ahead.
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Explain to them your woes.
Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who...
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They would surely give you some sort of extension if they knew what you were going through?
Yeah I've had a **** week too. I'm unemployed, no girlfriend, my big toenails are PHUCKED, I'm flying home for xmas instead of driving, I found it hard to breathe after waking up yesterday, and on top of that my right nut is ****ing killing me.

It's not just the past week that's been ****...
...Wow, I haven't seen one appauling comment from the pit yet.
Does this mean the Pit has tolerance and feelings?....


And i'm sorry to hear this OP
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