alright i am gonna be buying a 150w head. but one question. what ohm and wattage do the speakers have to be? all the speakers i see are a max of 75 w. is that what i need? thanks
they need to be the same ohms as your amp, what amp are you buying, that would be helpful
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Looks like your cab needs to be a 4-ohm impedance. Out of curiosity, why would you buy a solid-state stack? Why not get a tube combo?
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basically i need the seperate pieces factor. the house i practice at has an extra cab so i can just take my head and guitar vs a hole combo. plus price.

now where to get 4 ohm all i see is 8 and 16 ohm. and what wattage does that need?
Wattage is a range your amp can handle, not one number. You achieve the correct impedance by wiring speakers of different ohm ratings in either series or parallel. Either the search bar or Google will be your new best friend on this one. I'd love to help but this is pretty likely to not actually get my english paper written. Seriously, google it, you'll get the answers to all the follow-up questions in addition to this one if you do.
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alright i learned how to wire it but now does it matter which part of the jack to put the + or - wire? and how do i wire the jacks if the head has two (stereo) out puts? thanks

also i am still not getting what wattage of speakers i need. if that head is putting out 150 and i am using 4 speakers must they be rated for a quarter of the 150 each? or if two speakers then 2x 75w speakers?
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alright all my wiring questions are answered but i still need to know what wattage of speakers i need.