Hi--I'm looking for input on an OD pedal. I'm trying to gather as much info as possible before heading to Guitar Center to try out the pedals. It is far away, so I want as much info as possible before going!

I've narrowed the list to 3:

1. Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer
3. Maxon OD808

The Ibanez seems to be the holy grail of OD, but I'm currently leaning towards the MXR pedal because from clips I've watched it has a little more versatility, going from very mild to quite crunchy. There's a clip on guitarproshop.com that really highlights this well. The Maxon is nice, too and seems pretty solid.

The other thing the MXR pedal has going for it is price, it's about $70 cheaper than the Ibanez.

I have an Epi LP and a Valve Junior. I like and play all styles...I'm looking for a nice classic, warm crunchy fuzz as opposed to full on distortion.

Any input on these pedals or suggestions on other ones to look are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
i've got a MXR GT-OD running into my ENGL fireball and got nothing but high praises about it. it definately tightens up the sound of the fireball and you wont regret it......possibly.
From what I've heard in clips and in reality, TS808 has the sweetest tube-amp sounding overdrive of them all. I'm saving money to buy one. You could also try ProCo Rat, it's a distortion pedal, but you can adjust it to have very little crunch. And of course you can get quite a lot of distortion if you want, as opposed to an OD pedal.
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone....if I go with an Ibanez, I'm going to go all out for the TS 808 over the TS9.

The MXR is really holding its own in reviews and clips I've heard.

Anyone else have any suggestions?