So I have clandestinely determined that my wife purchased me a Digitech RP350 for Xmas. The problem is that I already have a multi-fx pedal, the Zoom G2.1u. I am just a bedroom hobbyist and have been perfectly content with the Zoom, I know its not the greatest tone but it is good enough for me and I enjoy playing with the different effects, or dialing in different tones once in a while. I jam with friends occasionally, but don't have any plans to get serious.

In a quick comparison, the Digitech seems to be a little better, but most of the key features are the same. Both have an expression pedal, both have a USB connection for recording on my laptop, both have a drum machine. The Digitech has more amp models, effects and features. When I bought the Zoom, I considered one of the cheaper Digitech multi-fx (RP150 I think), but didn't like the fact that there was noticeable latency on patch switching, and the drums would "skip" when switching patches while they were playing.

My options are to (1) keep the Zoom and return the RP350 to MF for credit ($200), or (2) keep the RP350 and sell the Zoom (I'd guess for around $100). Any thoughts or opinions on either of these pedals that will help me decide which way to go? Thanks!
Do you know why she bought that when you already have the Zoom?

I have the 250 and I don't think I get any latency when I switch presets, it's pretty immediate. Never messed with the drum thingy.

I would just mess around with it and then make a decision. Or hike it up to GC and try it again there.
you ruined the spirit of christmas by finding out what your wife bought you. disappointing man, disappointing.
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^ I agree. I was reviewing our credit card statement online, and she used the credit card to buy it so it was on there.

I don't know why she bought this when she knows I have the Zoom. I mean, she's not familiar with guitar equipment, but she knows that I have this thing that I use to make the guitar have different sounds and do recording. Hell, she's even used it to record herself singing. My guess is that she knows I like what I have but thinks the one she bought is some great upgrade over my current pedal that I will like even better. I'm not sure this is true, which is why I started this thread.
well, if it's like GC, then you should be able return it up to 30 days after even if it's open and used - so just wait and see.

double check MF policy.

i mean you can't confront her anyway, just be suprised, 'act happy', and figure it out later.
Well... she bought it for you. Keep the 350... or...

Find if it works for you or not... if it sucks, try to pretend it's broken or not working and try to change it from something else.

She made it with the better intentions... don't be rude with her by selling it right away.

This is more of a moral/sentimental issue than guitar one. LOL.

Would you have bought it for yourself or thinking in buying it, that would be a totally different thing.

BTW... I wish my wife would buy me some guitar stuff, even if it's my own money. She wouldn't walk into a music store to get me something by her own will.

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Congrats on having such a great wife. Maybe you should just keep the 350 and tell her how wonderful it is and how it's such a great gift. It will be worth it down the line. Or even tell her that she did good but you could just add another $100 and exchange it for the next better model (the RP500).
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my wife bought me a microphone for christmas but it's the wrong kind - so i know what its like.

it's the thought that counts and she'll understand if I need to return/exchange it.

sometimes a sig. other will get something even tho they know you will need to swap it out. I look at this as an opportunity for you to get a good 20+ day evaluation of the thing.
Thanks for all the input, even if there aren't too many opinions on the actual equipment.

I'm concerned about the "test it out, then return it if you don't like it" option on the RP350 only because it seems you only have 45 days from shipment until you can't return something from MF. I don't know about the shipping date of course, so I won't know how long I have to try it out before I need to return it. Again, that's why I was hoping to get opinions on these pedals ahead of time.

I think my wife will be a little disappointed, but not offended if I return her gift. If I keep the RP350 and tell her how much better it is than what I have now, of course, she'll be really proud of herself and happy. I'm maybe a little concerned that I'll have a hard time selling the Zoom and be stuck with two multi-fx pedals, while returning the RP350 is a guaranteed $200 towards something else I want, like a decent pair of studio monitors.

Maybe I should try to sell the Zoom now, and if I can't sell it by Christmas I'll return the RP350. But then what if I don't like the RP350 as much, I'll be bummed out.

Again, any opinions on the relative merits of these two devices would be appreciated.
I've never played the Zoom and don't know it's features so I can speak to it.

The RP has all the features I think you listed. As I stated the switch from patch to patch is pretty quick imo. Milliseconds. Unless you are gigging or recording an album I don't think would bother you. Now the drums, you should be able to use the X-Edit software to program the drums so it is the same as the other presets you are using.

The cool thing with X-Edit is it allows you to group your favorite presets together. Once you have your favorites narrowed down, you can just make them 1, 2, 3, 4 or whatever and customize the presets in each one to your liking. You can do this manually on the pedal too but it is a pain in the ass. I'd be willing to do a demo if you PM me.

Like I said, just wait till you open it. Play with it. Decide after 20 days or whatever if you want to keep it. It's not that hard.
Extended return policy right now...

Musician's Friend only accepts returns made within the first 45 days from shipment (extended during holiday season to January 31, 2009).
^ oh, excellent, good catch.

I like the idea of being able to edit patches on the computer on the digitech, the Zoom def doesn't have that feature. I also understand that you can download other people's patches? For the Zoom there are user groups but you have to set up the patches by hand.
X-Edit is really nice. I have a GNX4 and you can get some good sounds out of the AudioDNA chip. The RP350 has the newer AudioDNA2. I also have a Digitech Tone Driver pedal with an AudioDNA chip and the overdrive/distortion tones from the Tone Driver are also good. I had a Zoom 707II and the Digitech sounds a lot better to me. If I had to pick one without trying it, I would pick the RP350.

Downloading patches isn't as great as it sounds because the trick to tweaking is to dial it in with your guitar and amp. When you get a patch, you still need to tweak it, as it might sound horrible on the first try.