Some of them might be a little ugly or unusual looking, but I think they're fantastic guitars. Am I missing something?
Danelectro back in the days, was for people who wanted to play guitar, but couldn't afford a *peep*ing expensive Fender or Gibson. =)
They are made of masonite and the electronics are archaic at best. They make some higher end axes though with some interesting electronics. The el cheapo Dans are great for playing slide. Jimmy page used one for a lot of stuff, including, but not limited to "In My Time of Dying".
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ive heard that their great fiddling guitars.... and being that cheap... hey its a double win!
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Jimmy page used one for a lot of stuff, including, but not limited to "In My Time of Dying".

I believe he also used one for kashmir at live shows, not sure about the recording.
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I've a DC59, and its incredible!

The tones are fantastic for such a cheap guitar, but as pointed out, the electronics are dismal - the pots are either on or off which isn't great, but easy enough fixed.

They are quite cheaply made, but definately are worth getting as a guitar to play around with or use in studio. I'd be extra careful if I was to use it in a live situation, but i'm sure it would stand it.
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one of hendrix's first electrics was a Danelectro, just thought id ad that
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