Is this pedal good?

I've heard some things about it being noisy. Does anyone have one to confirm/disprove that? Is there a way to cut out that noise?

Also, I tried one in the guitar store (at low volumes; this was before I read about the noise issue, and I didn't notice anything) and when I used the "hold" feature, it would work fine when I recorded and then played over that clean. But when I recorded and tried to turn my guitar up (to colour the tone) it cut out the looped recording. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I used it straight into the amp (so, before the amp modeller) but in my amp I can put it in the effects loop (after the amp modeller).. would that make a difference?


And also, if people think this pedal is not very good, is there a better one with a similar "hold" function? That's one of the main things I like about this pedal.
i have the dd3 which has the hold funtion, the only thing is u cant play delay over the loop with the same pedal, anything else should work fine, its a good pedal with low noise imo but u could buy a noise suppressor pedal to eliminate noise - i dont own one so i dont know how effective they are.